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High-End Sushi

5742 The Table

Right next to the entrance to the MY ALPENWELT Resort in Königsleiten is the small restaurant 5472 The Table. Here you can enjoy high-end sushi from a sushi master. Wicky Mallikarachchi has already impressed in the best spots in the world. After Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Dubai, he now conjures up the flavours of Asia on your plate with his creations and brings a smile to your face.

All sushi bites and other Japanese specialities are freshly prepared right in front of you at the counter.

and creativity

Reinventing yourself, moving with the times and being creative - these are the principles of 5742 The Table. Our sushi master Wicky Mallikarachchi develops new creations every day. What is served here is reminiscent of hip, urban city food concepts and is unique in the entire Zillertal Arena. Asian flavours can be combined with ingredients that seem unusual at first glance. We can promise: it's very delicious. 

more than sushi

5472 The Table is more than just sushi. Here you get the best of the best when it comes to meat. Miyazaki Wagyu is butter-tender fillet with a pronounced, fine marbling in top quality from Japanese Wagyu. A steak cut that melts in the mouth. Fine teriyaki dishes round off the savoury experience.


11:30 - 22:00

SPECIALS: You can also order sushi in the Susi Alm and even on the roof terrace of the SPA area. 
Our delivery service also offers the best sushi to take home.

Open: July - September & December until April


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